Boys Soccer Booster Information

2019 RHS Boys Soccer Booster Board of Directors:

President:        Meredith Cain

Secretary:        Christie Denholm

Treasurer:        Cynthia Dickins

VP Varsity Team:        Doug Gordon

VP JV Team:       Debbie Rist

VP C Team:       Gabrielle Statkus


Welcome to the RHS Boys Soccer Booster website! We invite you to become a member of our Booster Club and help support and build this amazing program!

The boys are returning from an epic season last year and they are focused and ready for a another great season. As the program builds, we hope to help provide any and all assistance to our players and coaches. While the program does have a small ASB Fund that helps provide some equipment, there are often additional needs and that is where the Boosters can help. It is our goal to help the program grow as we also spread the spirit throughout the community in support of our Mustangs!

The Booster Club is an official 501c3 and raises funds specifically for the RHS Boys Soccer program through our generous volunteers and donors. We can accept matching funds from most companies and all donations are tax deductible. Please take a look below at some highlights of the Booster Club and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns anytime. We welcome any and all input and look forward to your support in becoming an official Booster Member!

Thank you all for all that you do. GO STANGS!


RHS 2019 Booster Dues

Thank you for becoming a member of our Booster Club and helping it support and grow the RHS Boys Soccer program! You will receive your exclusive car decal shortly to show your support!



What is our fundraising goal?

Our 2019 Boys Booster fundraising goal is $12,000. In an effort to lessen the time burden on families we are narrowing our fundraising efforts to two events – our annual Booster Dues Drive and our Annual Boys Youth Soccer Camp. After talking with our coaches and parents, it was the opinion of the majority to move away from our previous fundraising efforts and instead work toward a simpler process that would allow the coaches, players, and families to focus more on soccer and community service programs. After using SnapRaise last year, we realized that most families did not like it and the company actually took about a 40% cut of the funds raised. With this year’s Annual Booster Dues Drive, 100% of all donated and matched funds will go directly to the RHS boys’ soccer program! These TWO fundraisers will replace last year’s textile drive, online SnapRaise donation drive, and all restaurants nights. It will also give parents and the community an opportunity to help through the Booster Dues Drive and give the players an opportunity to help through the Youth Summer Camp.

Our Booster Dues Drive will be the bulk of our fundraising efforts for this year; we are requesting a minimum donation of $100 per family. With the idea that those $100 donations will be matched by employers, we hope to reach a significant portion of our goal. So please remember to DOUBLE your donation with corporate matching! Again, this donation is only a suggestion, not a requirement. We also are happy to accept donations greater than that amount as well. For each $100 donated, you will receive an exclusive Boys Soccer Car Decal. DONATE TODAY!

We plan to reach the remainder of our fundraising goal through the Boys Youth Summer Camp registrations. The 3-day camp held on July 9-11 will cost youth players $85 per registration. The camp was a huge success last year and we are hoping to double our numbers. Our RHS players volunteer as camp counselors and it is a great way to connect and give back to the community.

Where do the Funds Go?

The funds raised will be used directly for our program to help our coaches with necessary equipment as well as to help supplement any uniform, travel, and event needs for the entire program. After our first year of successful fundraising in 2018, the Boosters were able to provide the program with team t-shirts, soccer balls, Varsity back packs, Varsity track suits, team hoodies, senior gifts, and coach gifts as well as cover all the fees for our start-up 501c3, all summer camp supplies (t-shirts, snacks, and water bottles), our booster website fee, and most recently our game footage analysis software, Hudl.

What a great start! Let’s keep the momentum and continue to build this program! In the future, we hope to improve and grow our team events, add track suits for our JV and C teams, purchase training mannequins and other needed equipment, provide team socks, purchase travel tents as well as semi-permanent covered benches, and continue to look into swag gear for our families and supporters!

How Can I Help?

Please donate your $100 Booster Dues and become an official member of our Booster Club today! Matching your donation through your employer will also help us to reach our goal. So please don’t forget to request a donation match from your employer. Our official 501c3 name is Redmond High School Boys Soccer Booster Club and our EIN is 82-4951561. Thank you for supporting the boys soccer program and for being a part of growing family!

How Can we Boost Spirit?

We are looking at fun and spirited new ways to help support and grow our soccer program. This year we have started a Varsity Ball Boy Program that will involve youth players from our Redmond community. We have already extended invitations to our summer campers from last year and we’d also like to invite our players’ younger brothers, cousins, and nephews, too. If you have someone interested, please let us know right away! Depending on the turnout, we also plan to expand the offer to additional youth players.

Help spread the news about all of our games – especially the Home games! Post it on Facebook, tell your neighbors, proudly display your RHS Soccer Booster decal on your car, and bring the whole family to support our boys!!

Are you interested in creating posters for the school? Or creating lawn signs? We want all of your ideas and would love your help to act on those ideas! Please let us know how you can help.

How Can I Give Input?

Contact any of the board members via email or in person anytime. Have a great idea for fundraising? Let us know. Have a great idea to boost spirit for our Home games? Let us know. No idea is too small or too big, we want you all to be a part of this program and to have your voice heard!

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in helping with any of our events or have a fun idea for a new event or community service opportunity, please let us know.

    Community Service Events –          TBD

    Senior Night –                                 April 30, 2019

    Alumni Game –                               TBD

    End of Season Banquet –                TBD

    Boys Soccer Summer Camp –         July 9-11, 2019 – Registration Open Now

 Thank you again for all of your support!


RHS 2019 Booster Dues

Thank you for becoming a member of our Booster Club and helping it support and grow the RHS Boys Soccer program! You will receive your exclusive car decal shortly to show your support!