Stangs of the Week!

Simply put: we have some amazing young men in the program! And though they don’t always seek the spotlight, we want to give it to them. Every week, 2 Stangs will be chosen by the coaching staff as representing the best of the RHS Boys’ Soccer program.  To be selected, during the week these boys may have…

  • Been the hardest workers
  • Acted with integrity, initiative, respect, and/or compassion
  • Served as leaders for their team
  • Played selfless, team-focused soccer (the Redmond way!)
  • Performed admirably in practice or games
  • Been role models through their voice and/or behavior

Please join us in congratulating these fantastic young men each week! If you see them at games, practices, or around campus, wish them well. We, the coaching staff, are truly proud of them!


Week Two:

RHS Soccer- Amir

Amir Yasir (1oth Grade)

From Coach Antonio: Amir has shown great leadership. Getting his team through a frustrating week of games and injuries, he never slacked off, and continued to drive his team forward. Setting a good example, always staying positive, and showing a will to win, truly encapsulates what it is to be a Stang of the week.


RHS Soccer- Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle (10th Grade)

From Coach Tangen: Whether in game, on the practice pitch, or in the pregame stretching circle, Sean Doyle is the heart and soul of our team. He’s a leader through his voice and play; he sets the tone for hard work in practice; he’s always our “Hype Man”. Despite a tendency to launch shots over the crossbar, Mr. Doyle represents everything we’re about on our team and in our program. 


Week One:

Stang of the week- Cameron

Cameron Pisan (9th Grade)

From Coach Antonio: “Cameron has shown an excellent attitude and has worked hard from day one. Demonstrating the ideal attitude of a new player on a new team. Keep up the hard work and positive play!”


Sean Rash (11th Grade)

From Coach Lacy: “Sean gave up an opportunity to play in goal on Saturday to help the team out. He worked his butt off when he was on the field–even almost scoring a goal–and was a good teammate to everybody. Congrats, Sean!”