Varsity 2019

RHS Varsity earns convincing victory over Bothell 3-0 in KingCo league match!

Match day found the RHS fans enjoying the clear skies and full moon of yet another beautiful evening in the Pacific Northwest.  The Stangs started with some pep in their step and were able to apply offensive pressure via their usual suspects on the wings.  An early RHS corner resulting from a dangerous Rabadan run caused all sorts of concern for the Bothell keeper but he was able to collect and distribute to safety.  The Bothell free kicks that did materialize were controlled in the air with ease by the likes of Wiyrick, Tibbs, Gordon, and Doyle.  In a rare moment of Redmond duress, RHS keeper Escalante found himself in a spot of bother with a tricky ball at the outer reaches of the 18, needing to quickly smother the ball in the face of a rushing Bothell forward.

Mid first half, a long ball served up with pinpoint accuracy by Wiyrick found Rabadan at the top of the 6 yard box who performed a magical loop de loop kick over the head of the keeper and gently into the back of the net!  Redmond kept the pressure on -throughout the first half with scampering runs and multiple through-ball attempts.  A few minutes later, a well placed through ball from Dadzie to a speedy and steamrolling Hernandez ended with a strong strike and goal.  Nice finish!

For a short while, all of these amazing soccer happenings on the field were overshadowed by the athletic prowess of an unknown RHS fan (and/or alum?) who reached towards the heavens and delicately fielded a high arcing ball which had been cleared far up into the RHS stands by “The Beast” Wiyrick.  A deafening roar of approval erupted from the crowd – a thunderous cheer like none other – which ended with complete strangers high-fiving each other in celebration of what they had just witnessed.

…Back on planet Earth, the Stangs were up to their old tricks in the second half, with Tibbs performing some magical defensive Houdini-like escapes with deft footwork.  There were a few errant RHS close-proximity passes which turned the ball over, but to the Stangs’ credit they were able to use their quickness to eventually regain possessive control.  Stein almost cashed in on a high speed attack down the left flank which ended a step too soon with the Bothell keeper scooping the ball up and out of danger to the dismay of all Redmond fans.

With a short time left in the match, a short negative pass from Dadzie ended with a delicate back heel by Stein, splashing through the pool of tears from the Bothell keeper and into the back of the goal.  The end of the match saw another RHS victory and clean sheet!

Goals:  25’ (Rabadan, assist Wiyrick), 32’ (Hernandez, assist Dadzie), 78’ (Stein, assist Dadzie)

Varsity 2019

RHS Varsity blanks Gonzaga Prep 4-0 in Saturday morning breakfast club match!

What a beautiful morning for soccer!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the goals were flowing!  The only thing missing was popcorn…

Redmond put its stamp on the proceedings early, with trademark lightening runs down the touch lines, several of which ended in favorable corner kicks.  The Stangs were able to keep the ball in their attacking half for a nice chunk of the first half with quickness and quality physical play in the midfield.  Doyle, Stein, and Michalski all applied eager pressure to the Gonzaga Prep midfielders, leading to some nice turnovers.  Redmond’s over eagerness caught with them on a few occasions however, leading to a couple of offsides calls which negated sure goal scoring chances.

The Stangs got on the scoreboard with a nice slicing and dicing Dadzie run, ending in a perfectly timed pass between two defenders to a speedy and able Rabadan for the clinical finish.  A short time later, Dadzie got in on the assist action again, this time finding Price with a bit of daylight, who took it to the hole for a nice near post finish.

Gonzaga started the second half with better success at possessing the ball, but RHS was able to contain the momentum shift.  After a nice long free kick by Michalski, Dadzie was able to juggle down deep into Gonzaga Prep territory and dump the ball into some open space for an unmarked and barreling Hernandez, who punched the ball into the net past a laid-out keeper.  On the other side of the field, Gonzaga prep was able to earn some goal scoring chances, but the Stangs were able to snuff out the danger.  A nice save on tiptoes by keeper Condon showed us the value of height!

To finish off the assist frenzy, Dadzie timed a nice long pass to a hustling Loo even with the Gonzaga Prep defensive back line which ended in a one on one with the Gonzaga keeper, and the final goal of the match!

And before the crowd could scream “Who’s your Dadzie?” the final whistle signaled full time and another win for the mighty Stangs!

Goals:  18’ (Rabadan, assist Dadzie), 34′ (Price, assist Dadzie), 49′ (Hernandez, assist Dadzie), 63′ (Loo, assist Dadzie)

Varsity 2019

RHS Varsity set pieces as tasty as pie as the Stangs take down Hazen 5-1 on 3.14!

After the team introductions and pledge of allegiance were recited by the resident Hazen Jill-Of-All-Trades (ticket seller, announcer, medic, valet, and mascot), the Stangs started the match with their game faces on.  Some good pressure from both sides pumped up the excitement levels.  An early Stein yellow card prompted a quick substitution, and a few minutes later a well-directed Hernandez header pass to a scampering Rabadan set up a precision cross back for a Hernandez one-touch strike and the opening goal.   After a mugging in the attacking third, a wonderful Stein free kick forced an impressive flailing and diving save by the Hazen keeper.  Riding the wave of momentum, another chance soon appeared for RHS and a Stein moon ball pass set up a header cross from “The Beast” Wiyrick which led to a delicate Dadzie tap-in.  In the waning moments of the half, a well-executed ball shielding by Wiyrick prompted a chastising from the ref which left some spectators scratching their heads.

Despite the 2-0 RHS lead, the position seemed somewhat uncertain.  Hazen came out of half time with fire in their collective belly and immediately seized the momentum for themselves when an unmarked Hazen attacker was able to slip into open space and drive the ball home.  The Stangs rebounded with renewed focus, and some nice Tibbs distributions down the touch line led to additional RHS attacks.  After more back and forth, Redmond was able to grab the reins again when a loose ball caromed off of Michalski and a Hazen defender and directly to a ready Hernandez who volleyed in another nice one-touch goal.  A few minutes later, Wiyrick was not done with his beastliness, and took a well placed Fahrig corner off the head and into the sweet spot of the net.  Keeper Rash had his hands full and made a few acrobatic saves off of some dangerous Hazen free kicks.  In the waning minutes of the match, a beautifully bending Fahrig free kick and well-timed Doyle header put the match to rest.

Goals:  15’ (Hernandez, assist Rabadan), 39′ (Dadzie, assist Wiyrick), 52′ (Hernandez), 63′ (Wiyrick, assist Fahrig), 75’ (Doyle, assist Fahrig)

Varsity 2019

They need no introduction – Your RHS Varsity Stangs blank Woodinville 3-0!

On a cool and drizzly evening, Redmond fans in attendance at Pop Keeney stadium asked the eternal questions – Would Redmond prevail? Would it snow? Would the RHS players be introduced? Would there be popcorn? The answers, in case you were wondering, were Yes, No, No, No.

Right out of the gate Redmond was scampering, slicing, dicing, doing the hand jive, and taking names. Multiple early RHS corners hinted at the possibility of a bountiful stream of goals, but alas the set pieces didn’t yield the desired results. The constant attacking pressure did though, and yield did Woodinville, to a lively Rabadan run down the right side ending in a slight negative pass back for a Dadzie tap in over and around an outstretched keeper to take the early lead. Dadzie added a second a bit later, gobbling up a loose ball in the attacking third, beating three Woodinville defenders and keeper in the process, and striking it home. Meanwhile, the Woodinville attacks that did materialize were stymied either by the super solid Stangs back line or by the sure hands of keeper Escalante.

The second half saw more pressure from the skilled RHS attackers, causing multiple Woodinville errors. Nice to see such an array of Redmond crosses in this match! RHS Keeper General Rash kept everyone on their toes, spectators included, with barked encouragement and directions. Surefooted Cain kept sequences alive with accurate distribution. Conductor Stein split quality time between striker and midfield and grabbed a goal himself after a Dadzie pass found Stein’s left foot and the back of the net. With the match winding down, Bury smothered space and gave up the noggin with a few much needed defensive clearances. With Woodinville thoroughly frustrated, tempers were flaring but in the end RHS laughed it off and looked up at the scoreboard.

Onward, Stangs!

Goals: 13’ (Dadzie, assist Rabadan), 25′ (Dadzie), 45′ (Stein, assist Dadzie)

Varsity 2019

RHS Varsity springs forward and overcomes early match jitters with impressive win over Glacier Peak in season opener!

At the “high altitude” (600+ ft) Glacier Peak pitch, spectators were treated to a picturesque panoramic view in the clear and cool conditions, with snow lined hills bordering the valley and parachuting activity in full display.  As it turned out, there was also a lot of soccer to be watched!  Redmond started the match with some early season roughness and nerves, and initially had difficulties stringing passes together.  For the first ten minutes of the match, the Stangs struggled to mount a consistent attack and found their defense under a good deal of pressure.  Some timely clearances from Tibbs and Wyrick, as well as some choice saves from RHS keeper Escalante kept RHS even with the Grizzlies.  A few minutes later though, Glacier Peak found the back of the net after a clearance attempt by a charging Escalante unfortunately caromed back off a Grizzly forward who followed the ball into the empty goal for the opening score.  This was a wake up call for RHS, and prompted the Stangs to bear down with renewed purpose.  RHS responded offensively with a nice Dadzie run down the left side, ending with a Michalski to Rabadan tap-in connection, bringing the match even.  With the score again tied, RHS was able to settle down and play a more consistent possession game.  With the passes improving in accuracy, a breakaway led to a nice assist by Rabadan to a sprinting Dadzie for the clinical finish for the lead.  Numerous other tantalizing chances appeared for RHS before the half came to a close.

Aside from a couple of minor timing miscues early the second half, the Stangs continued their run of possession and were able to control the play, with some nice physical moves from Michalski and Doyle.  Dadzie continued to dazzle with quality runs, with one of them ending in a nice find to an open Stein in the box for the quick put-in.  A few minutes later, Rabadan found himself with the ball at the top of the 18 surrounded by three Grizzlies, and with some determined footwork, finessed the ball into the corner pocket.  A clutch defensive one-on-one shutdown by Gordon stymied one of the Grizzlies’ final chances as the match wound to a close.


Keep it going, Stangs!

Goals:  13’ (Rabadan, assist Michalski), 18’ (Dadzie, assist Rabadan), 51’ (Stein, assist Dadzie), 54’ (Rabadan)

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Team Shop for Spirit Gear Now Open!

Hey everyone! We’re introducing a new, exciting opportunity for swag this season! Through a partnership with BSN Sports, we’ve set up an online Team Shop that has various gear (shirts, hoodies, sweats, etc) for RHS Boys Soccer 2019. Anybody is welcome to order— athletes, siblings, fans, parents.

The Team Shop will be open TWICE:
1. 2/15-2/20. This is for pre-season orders. Even though this happens before tryouts and team selections, we’re hoping this will give us a head start for getting our gear earlier in the season. Please note: buying gear does NOT guarantee a spot on the roster. There will be no refunds, so please be aware! This is an “order at your own risk” kind of thing.

2. 2/28-3/4. If you would rather wait to order gear, this is your chance! This will be after tryouts and team selections. Please note: orders take between 3-4 weeks, so any gear ordered during this time may not arrive until almost halfway through the season.

The link is 2019 Redmond Boys Team Shop

***Please note: buying gear is NOT mandatory. The Boosters have also already generously purchased a Nike Hoodie for every boy in the program, in addition to uniforms every boy’s will use for the season. So the Team Shop is just a great opportunity for those who want more than that!

Spread the word to all players, parents, and fans of Redmond Soccer! Get your spirit gear now!