JV 2018

JV Stangs Wow the Wolverines


RHS JV vanquished Bellevue in a dominant 4-0 performance on Friday night (3/30).  Redmond fans have been spoiled multiple times this season with early RHS goals, and this match did not disappoint.  A nice Michalski cross to a Bilger header found the back of the net in the second minute, and Redmond was quickly on the board.  A corner kick from Rabadan to Hernandez’ noggin past the Bellevue keeper added to the tally.  The third and final goal of the first half was scored when Tiglon craftily one touched a ball out of the air and drove it home.  Near the end of the first half, defender Polly delighted with some nice physical play to earn a dangerous free kick near the goal line.  The second half saw additional RHS chances, with a nice cross from Rabadan just missing the promised land in the fifty second minute.  A late Tiglon strike just inside the box tacked on a fourth goal for Redmond and erased all doubt of the final outcome.  Keeper Condon continued his solid play and smothered the ball a couple of times late in the contest, securing both the clean sheet and the comprehensive win.


Goals: 2’ (Bilger, assist Michalski), 13’ (Hernandez, assist Rabadan), 21’ (Tiglon), 79’ (Tiglon)

JV 2018

JV Stangs Sink the Saints

On Tuesday night, JV pulled off a win against the Interlake Saints.

In an exciting and somewhat chaotic match, Redmond prevailed 4-1 against Interlake.  Interlake was aggressive out of the gate, putting Redmond immediately on their heels.  There was physical and scrappy play from both teams, with multiple players becoming closely acquainted with the turf.   After settling a bit, Redmond was able to break the ice with Price springing to his feet after a fall and scampering around the keeper to drive it home.  The slick conditions wreaked havoc with players’ footing, and contributed to an Interlake strike slipping through Condon’s hands to tie it up a few minutes later.  A lovely cross from Lee was tapped by Michalski to Rabadan for the goal to close out the first half.  The second half was filled with tension and drama as numerous Redmond chances failed to see the back of the net.  Some nice defensive poise and leadership was shown by co-captain Merrick early in the second half who helped shut down a dangerous Interlake run.  In the waning minutes of the match, Redmond broke the dam wide open and two spirited and determined attacks led to goals in quick succession by Hernandez and Tiglon which finalized the result.


Goals:  5’ (Price), 37’ (Rabadan, assist Michalski), 78’ (Hernandez, assist Price), 79’ (Tiglon, assist Hernandez)


JV 2018

JV Stangs Topple the Totems

Redmond took care of Sammamish 7-0, in a match where early it seemed as if every Redmond attack ended with the ball in the back of the net.  Five goals were scored in the first twenty minutes of play, with a nice variety of header finishes, clinical crosses, and circus shots.  The second half saw a more determined Sammamish turn up the intensity level early, but nevertheless gave up a couple of goals in the last ten minutes of play.  A wonderful overlapping run involving Lee, Loo, Rabadan, and a cross from Lee to Folting for a goal in the seventieth minute was a highlight to remember.  Nice work by Condon to break up some dicey late Sammamish attacks in the second half and secure another clean sheet!


Goals:  2’ (Hernandez, assist Rabadan), 4’ (Price), 7’ (Michalski, assist Rabadan), 12’ (Price, assist Hernandez), 17’ (Michalski, assist Rabadan), 70’ (Folting, assist Lee), 75’ (Loo, assist Rabadan)


JV 2018

JV Stangs > Kangs

Last night the JV Stangs defeated the Lake Washington Kangs 4-1.

Redmond started with a good showing of offensive pressure, resulting in an early goal by Rabadan off a tasty cross from Hernandez.  After getting the ball deep on the wing, Lake Washington capitalized on an unlucky bounce off of Condon’s outstretched hands after a dangerous cross and tied it up in the thirteenth minute.  Two more goals for Redmond came in quick succession around the twenty minute mark with clinical crosses and finishes by Rabadan, Michalski, and Price.  A nice Hernandez goal off a creative Price run and cross started off the second half.  Good defensive runs and physical play by Doyle spiced up the proceedings, and a lovely run by Yeo later in the second half kept Lake Washington on their toes.

Goals:  4’ (Rabadan, assist Hernandez), 20’ (Price, assist Rabadan), 22’ (Price, assist Michalski), 43’ (Hernandez, assist Price)

JV 2018, Varsity 2018

Islanders left on a Lonely Island as RHS Wins the Night!

Last night both the Varsity and JV teams for Redmond defeated last year’s league champs, Mercer Island. With two hard fought, hard won games, the Stangs deserve some serious credit! See below for breakdowns of each game.

3/15/18: Varsity vs MI: 2-1

Varsity conceded early, but came back to win the game. The combination of heart, mental toughness, and persistence led the Stangs to force the Islanders into two own goals, thereby ensuring victory. Well done, gentlemen!

3/15/18: JV vs MI: 3-0

After 80 minutes of competitive and physical play, RHS recorded a 3-0 win against Mercer Island.  Good offensive pressure early eventually resulted in a Rabadan goal in the thirteenth minute.  A wonderfully strong defensive tackle by Bomben prevented a dangerous attack from becoming even more dangerous before half time.  After Fahrig was mugged in the box for a penalty in the sixty fourth minute, Rabadan finished the job and converted the PK.  Ten minutes later, relentless pressure against the Mercer Island keeper resulted in a bobbled ball and a Yeo goal.  After a nice save in the seventy eighth minute, Condon secured another clean sheet and RHS JV emerged victorious! Goals:  13’ (Rabadan), 64’ (Rabadan, PK), 70’ (Yeo)

JV 2018

JV Earns 2nd Victory of the Year

3/13/18: JV vs Hazen:

Keeping the ball rolling in a relentless attack, RHS won in a dominant 8-0 performance against Hazen.  Keeper Condon recorded another clean sheet, with help from his own saves, his supporting defense, and the right post.  On the offensive front, Hernandez broke the ice with a nice flick over Hazen’s keeper who was wandering outside the box.  A Hat Trick was completed in the 62nd minute for Tiglon, who was rewarded for nice sequences of quick connected passes during the game.

Goals:  4’ (Hernandez),  14’ (Michalski), 24’ (Tiglon), 34’ (Tiglon, assist by Rabadan), 36’ (Visser), 44’ (Loo), 62’ (Tiglon), 79’ (Loo)

Congrats, boys! Wonderful work!

C-Team 2018, JV 2018, Varsity 2018

Varsity, JV, and C-Team all Victorious in 1st Preseason Games!

On Saturday, both JV and Varsity earned victories in their 1st preseason games. JV won 3-0 and Varsity won with a score of 1-0. Then, just last night C-team earned a 3-0 victory in their 1st match of the year. Please see game highlights below:

3/10/18 Varsity vs Meadowdale: 1-0.


3/10/18 JV vs Meadowdale:

Dominant 3-0 performance by RHS, highlighted by a clean sheet from keeper Condon and an offensive onslaught early in the first half by forwards Price, Rabadan, and Hernandez.  Wonderful Houdini-like splitting of defenders deep in Meadowdale territory by Rabadan set up the assist to complete the Price hat trick in the fourteenth minute.  Good intensity and “first-to” ball from midfield and defenders saw RHS controlling the remainder of the festivities. Goals: 2’ (Price), 11’ (Price), 14’ (Price, assist by Rabadan).


3/13/18 C-Team vs Woodinville: 

On the first day of the 2018 season, Redmond started off a little slow, but finished with a flurry of goals in the second half to beat Woodinville 3 goals to nil in the home opener.  The first goal was a nice cross from # 21 Ben Rist to #20 Max Ivanov to put the Stangs up 1-0.  Then a few minutes later, with a flurry of activity inside the box, #13 Will Fitzgerald won the ball and placed it into the back of the net.  To complete the scoring for Redmond, Will Fitzgerald put a nice cross into Brandon Lee who headed it into the back of the net off a late corner kick.  The Stangs defense was stout and kept the Woodinville Falcons scoreless in the game.



What a start to the season! Go Stangs baby!