C-Team 2019

Redmond C-Stangs Put Away Juanita in the 2nd Half, 4-0

On a beautiful day for soccer at Walter L. Seabloom Field, the Mustangs took on the Juanita Rebels. Although a conflict of interest was present for Coach Fleming (a Juanita alum), the boys helped him get over it as they dominated the game with possession and, eventually, on the scoreboard. Coach Fleming’s grandparents, who were in attendance, were an oddly motivating factor for the boys, as they seemed particularly enthusiastic about helping him not lose in front of his grandma.

The scoring opened quickly with Max Klyuchko scoring a clinical goal, but the scoring wouldn’t resume until later in the 2nd half, despite the constant control of the ball by the Mustangs. In a story similar to the Inglemoor game, the Stangs had all the chances and yet couldn’t quite out them to good use. Luckily, the backline of Kyle Statkus, Rishab Rajeev, Dan Firstenburg, Jaden Low, Kyle Volta, and Dhruv Chittamuri (I know, that’s a lot of names) were dominant in providing few, if any, real chances to the Rebels and even moreso led the charge in possessing, swinging, and pushing the ball forward. With Max’s goal, the boys took a 1-0 lead into halftime.

The Stangs, having been in possession all day, were charged with being more aggressive and creating more chances in the second half, and that they did. Michael Lee found the back of the net for the first time this season having just made the move to LM from CB, with the assist from Max Klyuchko. The second of the three goals in the half was provided by Zan Litovkin, who chipped the goalie from 25-30 yards out and then proceeded to celebrate by raising both hands like Andy Dufresne after he escapes from Shawshank. The closing goal was a beauty, with Eli Friedman putting away another goal after a beautifully unselfish assist from Caio De Oliveira.

Congratulations to the boys, who have now won 5 straight games by a total margin of 15-1. Go Stangs!

C-Team 2019

Redmond C-Team Scores Late Again to Beat Inglemoor, 2-1.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Mustangs are officially on a roll. After losing their first game to Woodinville, the Mustangs rattled off their 4th win in a row to move to 4-1 on the season with another goal in the waning moments of the game, leaving Coach Long and Coach Fleming curious as to whether or not the boys think they can only score right before the game ends.

The boys moved the ball well throughout the game, possessing beautifully and finding many chances, but they weren’t able to put one home until the end of the 1st half after they had just conceded their first goal in 3 games, when Eli Friedman got on the receiving end of a beautiful through ball from Max Klyuchko and tucked it home in the bottom left corner.

During the 2nd half, chances continued to come but goals were hard to come by. The boys stuck with it though, and were rewarded after Max Klyuchko played a great ball out to Alex Staggs, who sent a beautiful cross low and hard on the ground to Caio De Oliveira, who made a beautiful run but couldn’t put it away. The deflection of the goalie came straight back to Max Klyuchko who ripped it home and brought the Mustangs their 4th win.

Congratulations to the boys on moving to 4-1 on the season and getting a big win in the closing seconds yet again!


C-Team 2019

In an Instant Classic, Redmond C-team 1, Eastlake C-team 0

A beautiful day in Redmond found the Stangs traveling to Eastlake High School, baptizing the many freshmen into the always intense rivalry. As the game began, the Mustangs controlled and moved the ball well, with Eli Friedman and Jaden Low connecting beautifully down the right side, and Cameron Pisan and Phillip Araujo distributing from the midfield, but they couldn’t find any dangerous chances. Quickly, the Wolves settled in and started to take control of the game, constantly pressuring the defense with long ball after long ball. Due to the confident defending of the back line, particularly Kyle Statkus’ dispossessions and push up the left side, the long balls were largely ineffective.

The Mustangs, held on and battled, maintaining a 0-0 tie into halftime, where they refocused and came out calm and collected. With some questionable calls both ways, the boys did brilliantly to keep their heads and stay in the game. Although both teams were fighting hard, neither could find a real opportunity, and with time dwindling, the intensity picked up in this heated rivalry game.

The Mustangs, who had kept their cool the entire game, were rewarded with 2 minutes left. Anthony Sinyagin played a sharp ball up the field, which was tapped on from Zanny to Max K., who took the ball from the 30 yard line and in, rocketing one past the keeper. Amidst the elation, there was still 2 minutes to play, and a goal-saving deflection by Dan Firstenburg kept the Stangs’ lead safe, and ultimately allowed them to walk home with a big time 1-0 win over their rivals.

The Stangs will get a great chance to sweep the season series against Eastlake in the last game of the season, in what is sure to be a dogfight. Hats off to both Eastlake and Redmond for a great game!

C-Team 2019

C Team Look Strong in 3-0 over North Creek

The C-Stangs took their talents to Bothell in their first of multiple games at Pop Keeney Stadium, and came away with a 3-0 win against the Jaguars of North Creek. The boys came out sharp and possessed the ball, and they were rewarded for their efforts with a beautiful goal on a corner from Cameron Pisan and put away by the steady noggin of Max K.. The 2nd goal was a delightful cross from Zan Litovkin to Anthony Sinyagin, who also used his cranium to smartly tuck the ball into the goal. Will Smith held the defense together through a couple of rocky sequences for the defense.

C-Team 2019

C-Stangs Stampede the Kangs, 5-0

Your Redmond Mustang C-Team boys headed to majestic LW stadium while listening to some bodacious, booty-bumpin’ bangers. Luckily for us, those were not the only bangers to be had for the C-team that day, as they buried 5 goals in the back of the net to right the ship and take home a 5-0 win. Leo Hernández and Caio De Oliveira both scored twice, and Zan put home his second goal of the year. The defense largely held the Kang offense in check all day, with Dhruv and Kyle Statkus patrolling the sidelines and pushing up aggressively. The Stangs look to continue their winning ways against North Creek next week.

C-Team 2019

Redmond C-Team Falls in Season Opener, 3-2

Your C-Stangs hosted the Woodinville Falcons to open the season on a rainy Monday. The boys looked sharp and ready for a game that, for the large majority of the team, was their first opportunity to don the green and gold for Redmond. Redmond came out and controlled the game, with captains Cam Ashley and Carlos Espinoza controlling their respective parts of the field. Early (and throughout) the game, Redmond was creating many chances by working the ball down the sideline and had a lot of good looks, although they couldn’t quite get on the other end. The most dangerous chance on goal went to Woodinville’s #19, who squandered an open chance on goal (don’t feel bad, he proceeded to score a hat trick on the 2nd half). Finally, Redmond broke through with a shot that feathered in over the keeper by Zan Litovkin to go up 1-0 .

The defense, and particularly centerbacks Rishab Rajeev and Michael Lee, had been under siege via the long ball all day and held up well, but were finally beat by #19 for 3 straight unanswered goals. The Mustangs, now down 3-1, chose to battle back and scored one of the strangest (and most controversial) goals that you’ll see, with a 30-yard chip from Anthony S. After the referee deliberated back and forth with himself, he awarded Redmond the goal, much to Anthony’s surprise as he was later (unofficially) quoted saying “that wasn’t a goal.” Unfortunately, no more goals were in the cards for the Mustangs, as they fell 3-2.

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Team Shop for Spirit Gear Now Open!

Hey everyone! We’re introducing a new, exciting opportunity for swag this season! Through a partnership with BSN Sports, we’ve set up an online Team Shop that has various gear (shirts, hoodies, sweats, etc) for RHS Boys Soccer 2019. Anybody is welcome to order— athletes, siblings, fans, parents.

The Team Shop will be open TWICE:
1. 2/15-2/20. This is for pre-season orders. Even though this happens before tryouts and team selections, we’re hoping this will give us a head start for getting our gear earlier in the season. Please note: buying gear does NOT guarantee a spot on the roster. There will be no refunds, so please be aware! This is an “order at your own risk” kind of thing.

2. 2/28-3/4. If you would rather wait to order gear, this is your chance! This will be after tryouts and team selections. Please note: orders take between 3-4 weeks, so any gear ordered during this time may not arrive until almost halfway through the season.

The link is 2019 Redmond Boys Team Shop

***Please note: buying gear is NOT mandatory. The Boosters have also already generously purchased a Nike Hoodie for every boy in the program, in addition to uniforms every boy’s will use for the season. So the Team Shop is just a great opportunity for those who want more than that!

Spread the word to all players, parents, and fans of Redmond Soccer! Get your spirit gear now!