Important Information Regarding This Season!

Hello Athletes and Parents of the 2020 RHS Boys Soccer Program,

As you are all already aware, due to the ongoing tenuous situation with COVID-19 in our local area, we had to cancel our Parent Meeting last Thursday. I realize this has left many of you with questions about our season. Though I still don’t have a tremendous amount of answers, I do want to provide you with the information I would’ve covered at last week’s meeting. I know this is not an ideal manner of disseminating information, but sadly it’s the only option we have right now.

So here we go! Please see the agenda and important information regarding a variety of aspects of boys soccer at RHS. You can also choose to click and download the handout at this link: Redmond High School Boys Soccer- Parent Meeting- beginning of the season- 2020

RHS Boys Soccer 2020 Parent Meeting 

1: Agenda for This Evening:

  1. Welcome + Introductions
  2. Overview of RHS Boys Soccer Program
  3. Information from Boosters Program
  4. Information from RHS Athletic Trainer
  5. WIAA Rules and Regulations
  6. Roles (Coaches, Athletes, Parents)
  7. Playing Time
  8. Team Pictures
  9. Retreat
  10. Calendar + Important Dates
  11. Important Resources
  12. Introduce Parent Volunteer Opportunities
  13. To-Do List

2: Overview of RHS Boys Soccer:

  • Season runs from March 2nd – May 30th
  • Expect a soccer-related even every day of the week except Sunday. This includes Spring Break!!!
  • Unless otherwise noted, Varsity and JV practice 3-5:00pm; C-Team practices 5-6:30pm at the RHS Stadium.
  • In this program, we pride ourselves on being team-first, growth-focused, respectful, fun, and competitive STUDENT athletes.

3: Boosters/Fundraising:

  • Boosters are the lifeblood of our program. Everything we do throughout the season happens because of the tireless efforts, selflessness, volunteering, and financial support of our Booster Parents.
  • Some of the many things made possible due to the financial support of the Booster Program include…
  • Program Retreat
  • Soccer Equipment (balls, cones, pinnies)
  • Uniforms
  • Training shirts
  • Bench Shelter
  • Senior Night and Senior Banners


IMPORTANT: To help our Boosters support our boys this season, we will be asking for a $200 booster fee from each boy in the program. This can be paid online at the RHS Boys Soccer Program Website: https://rhsboyssoccer.org/teams/. Booster fees are due no later than this Wednesday, March 11th! We understand the inconvenience of such a short turn-around and greatly appreciate your flexibility. There are scholarships available—please contact Meredith Cain if you will be needing a scholarship.


4: Overview of RHS Athletic Training:

  • We will hear from Keith Cross, our esteemed athletic trainer, about a variety of important items.


5: WIAA Regulations/Rules:

  • WIAA is the governing body of high school athletics in the state of Washington.
  • WIAA requires a player participate fully in 10 practices BEFORE they are eligible to play in their first game.
  • WIAA and LWSD mandates that a student athlete must be in academic good-standing (student is failing no more than one of their classes and regularly attends all their classes) to play in games. Eligibility checks are done throughout the season. Coaches do NOT clear the player; the Athletics Office does.


6: Roles:

  • The role of a coach is to provide a safe, fun, and respectful environment for all athletes to grow and compete.
  • The role of an athlete is to respect their coach, their teammates, and themselves. If an athlete believes something stands in the way of their opportunity to learn and grow, they will discuss it with the coach.
  • The role of a parent is to support and encourage their son to have a safe, competitive, respectful, and fun experience. If a parent believes something stands in the way of their son’s opportunity to learn and grow, they will encourage their son to discuss with the coach first.


7: Playing Time:

Varsity: Playing time is NOT guaranteed. Players may play the full game or no minutes at all. Playing time is based on the following expectations:

  • Attendance and participation at all team events (practice, games, team bonding, etc)
  • Character: attitude, character, dependability, and coachability.
  • Ability (speed of play, technique, pace, physicality, mentality, soccer IQ)
  • General understanding of what is expected of the player during a game. These are the questions we as a coaching staff ask:
    • Are they following the coach’s plans and game tactics?
    • Are they working for their teammates? Are they making the team better?
    • Are they contributing in a positive way?
    • Are they struggling and/or losing confidence and require some more training/feedback?


Junior Varsity and C-Team: Every eligible athlete will play. We aim for a third of a game minimum (between 25-30 minutes on average per game). Again, they may play 20 minutes one game, but longer in another. Time is aggregated over the season, not per game. We will do our best to make sure everyone plays as much as possible. Playing time can also be influenced by the factors listed above for varsity.


8: Team Pictures:


9: Program Retreat:

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, this year’s retreat has been cancelled.


10: Calendar & Important Dates Coming Up:

  • A copy of the season calendar can be found on our website. Each team will also have a Team Manager who will email weekly updates to the team’s parents.
  • Some important dates to be aware of…
    • Wednesday 3/11: Deadline for Parent Volunteer Sign-ups and Booster fee
    • Thursday 3/12: Team Pictures
    • Saturday 4/4 – Sunday 4/12: Spring Break. All 3 teams have games. Varsity and JV have two games and practice every day except Sunday.


11: Important Resources:

  • Check out the RHS Boys Soccer Booster Website: http://rhsboyssoccer.org to…
    • Find important information
    • Pay Required Booster fee ASAP!!!
    • See the season calendar
    • Learn more about the program
    • Learn more about the Boosters and how to get involved
  • Check out the official KingCo Website for game schedules, playoff schedules, etc. at http://www.kingcoathletics.com



12: Parent Volunteers Needed:

A soccer program is only as strong as the buy-in it has from YOU ALL! Help your son have the best possible experience he can. Each team is in desperate need of parent volunteers for each of the positions below. If you are at all interested in helping, please sign up on the “Volunteer Sign-up Sheet” during your specific team’s breakout session. Thank you, in advance, for your support!

  • Team Manager (serves as ambassador between coach and parents. Sends weekly emails. Coordinates volunteers.)
  • Team Booster Rep (serve as the representative for your son’s team on the Boosters)
  • Team Photographer (takes and publishes pictures for the team to have as memories. Camera not provided.)
  • Team Videographer (videotapes games and then uploads it to a designated website. Camera provided!)
  • Team Announcer (Announces during home games. Reads aloud both rosters and announces goals, assists, etc.)
  • Team Publisher (writes a 1-3 sentence summaryà final score, who scored, who assisted, clean sheets/saves, etc and then publishes it to our Booster Website)
  • Pasta Feed Hosts (We will have pasta feeds throughout the season. Hosts plan these fun, team-bonding events! Please note: a host does not have to provide all or any of the food, we can coordinate potlucks)


13: To Do List:

  Task Deadline
  Pay Booster Fee of $200 via website: http://rhsboyssoccer.org Wednesday 3/11
  Sign up for parent volunteer positions (if able) by emailing your son’s coach. Wednesday 3/11
  (Optional) Order Pictures via Matt Campbell Photography at http://www.mattcampbellphotography.com/hs-order Thursday 3/12