Varsity 2019

Varsity Stangs silenced by North Creek 0-1

After a huge marquee win against Mt. Si a few days prior, there was concern about the possibility of an RHS squad letdown against the quality North Creek team.  Which team would show up with the most motivation and fire?  Who would want it more?  All in attendance yearned to find out.  North Creek came out and played a compact game, with forwards rarely venturing far into the RHS half.  This gave the Stangs ample opportunity to move the ball around unpressured in the backfield, although whenever they tried to move forward RHS seemed to have difficulties advancing the ball past midfield.  In the early going, the Stangs demonstrated some nice defensive work with Tibbs working his usual fleet footed magic around the touch line, and Gordon presenting serious resistance to the pesky North Creek attacks.  On the other side, Rabadan was able to win an early corner, but the kick was cleared out of harms way by the tough North Creek D.

North Creek would periodically pounce on loose balls and an open forward would typically cause all sorts of problems for the Redmond defense.  At one point, a somewhat routine ball bouncing around in the box was headed and controlled by a North Creek forward who struck it hard into the side netting on the outside of the goal.  Redmond got in on the offensive action when a Fahrig free kick bounced dangerously around in the box until struck high through the uprights.   A bit later, the North Creek persistence and drive paid off with a strong strike between the wickets of the RHS keeper Escalante and in for the first half North Creek lead.  North Creek was almost able to capitalize again in short order against a stunned Redmond squad which was having a few uncharacteristic defensive communication breakdowns.  Redmond would settle a bit before the end of the half and provide some concern for North Creek when a deep Price cross found waiting Stangs who struck the ball just over the goal

Coming out of the half, RHS was definitely amped up and ready to play.  Rabadan got off a quality cross soon after the restart, and the Kojo Mojo started to appear with Dadzie’s slicing and dicing attracting the attention of at least two defenders at a time.  Diaz impressed with his hard-nosed play on the wings, winning strong tackle after tackle.  RHS continued to win the possession battle, but were unfortunately not able to convert the possessions to material goods.  RHS long balls and crosses were the name of the game to try to get on the board, and a few of the attempts showed some real promise.  Another nice Rabadan cross found an open Cain, who had courageously made space for himself in the box, but the strike floated high.

With RHS frantically trying to find the equalizer, a final glimmer of hope was presented when a second yellow card (and subsequent red) was shown to one of the more touchy-feely North Creek defenders.  The free kick by Stein was a beauty, with the fall barely flicked over the crossbar for a Redmond corner by the outstretched North Creek keeper.  The corner unfortunately did not find the mark, and a bit later the clock ran down to the first Redmond defeat of the season.