C-Team 2019

Redmond C-Stangs Put Away Juanita in the 2nd Half, 4-0

On a beautiful day for soccer at Walter L. Seabloom Field, the Mustangs took on the Juanita Rebels. Although a conflict of interest was present for Coach Fleming (a Juanita alum), the boys helped him get over it as they dominated the game with possession and, eventually, on the scoreboard. Coach Fleming’s grandparents, who were in attendance, were an oddly motivating factor for the boys, as they seemed particularly enthusiastic about helping him not lose in front of his grandma.

The scoring opened quickly with Max Klyuchko scoring a clinical goal, but the scoring wouldn’t resume until later in the 2nd half, despite the constant control of the ball by the Mustangs. In a story similar to the Inglemoor game, the Stangs had all the chances and yet couldn’t quite out them to good use. Luckily, the backline of Kyle Statkus, Rishab Rajeev, Dan Firstenburg, Jaden Low, Kyle Volta, and Dhruv Chittamuri (I know, that’s a lot of names) were dominant in providing few, if any, real chances to the Rebels and even moreso led the charge in possessing, swinging, and pushing the ball forward. With Max’s goal, the boys took a 1-0 lead into halftime.

The Stangs, having been in possession all day, were charged with being more aggressive and creating more chances in the second half, and that they did. Michael Lee found the back of the net for the first time this season having just made the move to LM from CB, with the assist from Max Klyuchko. The second of the three goals in the half was provided by Zan Litovkin, who chipped the goalie from 25-30 yards out and then proceeded to celebrate by raising both hands like Andy Dufresne after he escapes from Shawshank. The closing goal was a beauty, with Eli Friedman putting away another goal after a beautifully unselfish assist from Caio De Oliveira.

Congratulations to the boys, who have now won 5 straight games by a total margin of 15-1. Go Stangs!