JV 2018

Redmond JV’s Unbeaten Streak Comes to an End

Redmond’s unbeaten streak comes to an end, with the Stangs falling to Bellevue 0-1.

This match saw numerous Redmond goal scoring opportunities, but no conversions and the Stangs were left licking their wounds.  As has become common practice in the second half of the season, Redmond’s opponents came ready to play with high intensity.  In the first half, RHS had a tough time maintaining possession and seemed a step slower to the ball than their opponents.  Some of the bright spots for the Stangs included various dangerous runs on the wing by Fahrig, Yeo, and Price, and a lovely cross from Lee which just missed a goal off a header from Folting.  Keeper Condon made his presence known with a great point blank save early in the second half, and Legresley tidied up and extinguished numerous Bellevue chances through fancy footwork and the power of anticipation.  After a Bellevue goal late in the second half, Redmond turned up the intensity while looking for the equalizer but it was too little too late.  Despite sustaining the loss, the Stangs control their destiny and if they are able to win the final two matches they will take the league.