JV 2018

Liberty’s Bell is Rung as JV Stangs Earn 4-0 Win

RHS JV defeated Liberty 4-0 on Monday.  RHS was plagued by some uncharacteristic unsettled play early with intercepted passes and “kick ball” sequences figuring prominently.  Some frustrating foul calls added to the general malaise of all watching.  Near the end of the first half, two RHS goals provided relief with Fahrig breaking the ice via a wonderful long strike on the left flank and Rabadan converting on a mini breakaway.  In the second half some nice plays by RHS defenders made the highlight reel.  Lee took charge with some nice physical play which earned an RHS corner, and Legresley provided some calm and heads-up decisions to keep Liberty at bay.  Two more goals were added in quick succession by Rabadan for the hat trick – the first a nice strike from a good distance and the second a tap-in redirect off a Price cross.  Kudos to Condon and the entire battery of defenders for earning another clean sheet! 


Goals: 34’ (Fahrig), 37’ (Rabadan), 60’ (Rabadan), 61’ (Rabadan, assist Price)