JV 2018

JV Stangs > Kangs

Last night the JV Stangs defeated the Lake Washington Kangs 4-1.

Redmond started with a good showing of offensive pressure, resulting in an early goal by Rabadan off a tasty cross from Hernandez.  After getting the ball deep on the wing, Lake Washington capitalized on an unlucky bounce off of Condon’s outstretched hands after a dangerous cross and tied it up in the thirteenth minute.  Two more goals for Redmond came in quick succession around the twenty minute mark with clinical crosses and finishes by Rabadan, Michalski, and Price.  A nice Hernandez goal off a creative Price run and cross started off the second half.  Good defensive runs and physical play by Doyle spiced up the proceedings, and a lovely run by Yeo later in the second half kept Lake Washington on their toes.

Goals:  4’ (Rabadan, assist Hernandez), 20’ (Price, assist Rabadan), 22’ (Price, assist Michalski), 43’ (Hernandez, assist Price)