JV 2018, Varsity 2018

Islanders left on a Lonely Island as RHS Wins the Night!

Last night both the Varsity and JV teams for Redmond defeated last year’s league champs, Mercer Island. With two hard fought, hard won games, the Stangs deserve some serious credit! See below for breakdowns of each game.

3/15/18: Varsity vs MI: 2-1

Varsity conceded early, but came back to win the game. The combination of heart, mental toughness, and persistence led the Stangs to force the Islanders into two own goals, thereby ensuring victory. Well done, gentlemen!

3/15/18: JV vs MI: 3-0

After 80 minutes of competitive and physical play, RHS recorded a 3-0 win against Mercer Island.  Good offensive pressure early eventually resulted in a Rabadan goal in the thirteenth minute.  A wonderfully strong defensive tackle by Bomben prevented a dangerous attack from becoming even more dangerous before half time.  After Fahrig was mugged in the box for a penalty in the sixty fourth minute, Rabadan finished the job and converted the PK.  Ten minutes later, relentless pressure against the Mercer Island keeper resulted in a bobbled ball and a Yeo goal.  After a nice save in the seventy eighth minute, Condon secured another clean sheet and RHS JV emerged victorious! Goals:  13’ (Rabadan), 64’ (Rabadan, PK), 70’ (Yeo)