JV 2018

JV Earns 2nd Victory of the Year

3/13/18: JV vs Hazen:

Keeping the ball rolling in a relentless attack, RHS won in a dominant 8-0 performance against Hazen.  Keeper Condon recorded another clean sheet, with help from his own saves, his supporting defense, and the right post.  On the offensive front, Hernandez broke the ice with a nice flick over Hazen’s keeper who was wandering outside the box.  A Hat Trick was completed in the 62nd minute for Tiglon, who was rewarded for nice sequences of quick connected passes during the game.

Goals:  4’ (Hernandez),  14’ (Michalski), 24’ (Tiglon), 34’ (Tiglon, assist by Rabadan), 36’ (Visser), 44’ (Loo), 62’ (Tiglon), 79’ (Loo)

Congrats, boys! Wonderful work!