Tryouts begin tomorrow, February 27th!

We’re excited to officially begin the season tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the hard work and dedication the Redmond boys have put in during the offseason.

Please see the basic schedule below:

Tuesday, February 26th: 2:30 – 4:30pm (Bring warm/dry clothes, cleats, shinguards, and water)

Wednesday, February 27th: 2:30 – 4:30pm (Bring warm/dry clothes, cleats, shinguards, and water). After tryouts, boys should check the website for the list of groups for Wednesday’s tryout. Boys will be sorted into 3 groups, and their schedule for Thursday will be dependent on which group they are in.

Thursday, February 28th (times are staggered based on groups):

2:30: Group 1 Arrive 
2:30-2:40: Group 1 Warm up
2:45-3:15: Group 1 Full Field Game
3:00: Group 2 Arrive
3:00-3:10: Group 2 Warm up
3:15-3:45: Group 2 Full Field Game
3:30: Group 3 Arrive
3:30-3:40: Group 3 Warm Up
3:45-4:15: Group 3 Full Field Game

***Please note: your group will be dismissed after your full-field game is finished. Some boys may be asked to stay around for later games.

Final team selections will be posted to the website no later than midnight on Thursday night. If you have any questions about team placement, coaches are available Friday after school for meetings. Please contact us!